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Original characters Haliford and Melissa. 

Hal is a man who was bitten by a vampire but he is stuck between humanity and vampirism because he has yet to drink blood.  Joining the Council of Hunters he sought help and vowed to stop the monsters while searching out the vamp who bit him.  Only when he kills her will he be human.  After a decade of searching for the vampire who cursed him he saved a youmg woman from an attack.  Melissa joined Hal in slaying vampires after. 
Hal is constantly fighting the effects of vampirism such as bloodthirst and a weakness to sunlight.  Hence the hat.  He is 26 when he meets Melissa.  Hal uses things like enhanced sight and hearing to fight vampires.  He carries a pair of silver handguns (despite the pain they cause him). 
Melissa is a quiet young woman with red hair and a love for danger.  She is at first afraid of Hal but he wins her trust by saving her life.   She takes up with him when she learns of the Council and Hal’s goal.  Her weapon of choice are two silver crosses with retractable knife blades.
At one point a vamp puts Melissa into a trance forcing her to attempt seducing Hal with her blood.  It backfires when his respect for her stops him short.

Kyoukai no Kanata novels

Anybody got the translated novels or know where to find them complete? Nakulas blogspot is dead and not even finished with chapter 2.  Would be willing to do commision art in exchange for useful info!

FMA: Five Years Out chapter 1

Riza Hawkeye walked into the office already wishing she were back home. Or at least on a plane that was headed back to Chicago Illinois. She hated business trips. They took more time than was necessary and the bills afterwards were an ugly sight. Her brown eyes glanced at the not so familiar faces of the men and a few women she had come to discuss an issue with.
As the granddaughter of the CEO of Grumman Enterprises she had followed in her family’s footsteps and learned the art of Business. How to run it and how to keep the investors satisfied. As the General Manager many great things were expected of her. She was diligent in her work. Her mind always working to better the company. It was rumored that Grumman would promote her to his position when he finally retired in the near future.
She didn’t mind desk work or executive decisions. Occasionally she enjoyed dealing with financial issues or taking care of disciplinary actions.
But trips to meet with clients was the lowest on her list.
Especially clients as aggravating as this one.
Two times they had ordered Grumman Enterprises’ most famous merchandise, Data Retrieval Software. And Twice they had cancelled the orders just before they were shipped out.
Riza had been sent to the town of Reno Nevada to meet with the execs of Sierra Mining Industries to figure out what was going on. First off her grandfather hated when business deals were unexpectedly broken by clients. And secondly the clients had a choice to make. Finalize and accept an order or be removed from the list of clients and blacklisted for future years.
Old Man Grumman (as his executives called him), sent the General Manager because he trusted her skill in dealing with unruly people. Riza had no tolerance or patience for anyone who was disrespectful, untrustworthy, or just plain rude.
She hoped this would end quickly as she took the only empty seat at the table and adjusted her paperwork. She had all the records from every purchase and deal with Sierra Mining Industries.
They wouldn’t know what hit them by the time she finished her lecture. It was going to be accusatory to say the least, but they probably needed a good jabbing. Such unbecoming business practice was going to leave WSI bankrupt.
The meeting began.

Hours passed by like minutes as Riza tried to make them understand what they were doing. And when she finally got through to the stubborn execs it was well past sundown. It was mid-November, but still. That meant that it was after 5 pm and she had arrived for the meeting at 8 am.
Feeling a headache coming on Riza sat there and listened to them argue.
When all was said and done she secured the purchase. And as soon as she received a check herself, right there signed and ready she left.
Her head throbbed as she found the rental car she had driven here.
Riza also hated taking cabs.
But she also disliked rental cars. She didn’t trust them. She didn’t trust anyone else’s car for that matter. No telling how people treated their vehicles and what they went through. Her own car was back at home in Chicago in the garage of her apartment building.
The young woman unclipped her blond hair from the bun she wore it in trying to help alleviate the pain. She would take some Advil when she got to her hotel room.
She dumped her stuff and her purse in the passenger seat and climbed in locking the doors as soon as she was inside. Putting the key in the ignition she buckled up and then turned the radio off. She’d left it on because she had had no time to turn it off. The road to the business complex was longer than it looked on the map and traffic had been worse than expected and she had barely been on time.
Ready and comfortable she backed out of the parking space and got back onto the long winding road. It was deserted with sparse streetlamps to light up the asphalt as it twisted by empty fields.
Unsure of what she was going to eat for dinner and still annoyed by the almost screaming match she had ended up refereeing at one point she drove back towards her hotel.
About five minutes into the drive the headlights flickered. Riza swore under her breath as the engine sputtered. It wasn’t long before she was pulling off to the side and trying to get the flashers on. But to her dismay the entire system seemed to be dying.
Of course it would be her rental car that went out. Judging by how it was happening it must have been the alternator. Probably burnt out and useless.
When she parked and shut the car off she immediately tried to start it again. But the ignition just whined and hissed. She tried it again willing the engine to roar to life. If it could just get her back to a populated part of the strange city so that she wasn’t isolated and alone she would be happy.
Apparently her luck had run out.
Of course. First a disappointing meeting and now my rental car is dead. And on a deserted street. I guess I’m going to have to call my AAA. At least I can get a ride back to safety. Good thing I purchased insurance on this POS.
She reached into her purse and pulled out her cell-phone. She used the screen’s backlight to illuminate her wallet and pulled out the AAA card in one of the slots.
Just as she was about to hit the call button a car’s headlights approaching caught her eye. Looking towards it she saw a rather unusual sight.
An older car was slowing down as it came up on her. By older it was a classic judging by the teal and white paint job with the whitewall tires and the chrome. This she saw when it passed under one of the few street lights.
Riza knew that people in this city were nostalgic about cars. Every year in August they held a festival to celebrate automobile history. To Riza they were old and outdated and that meant they were untrustworthy. Old designs weren’t as technically advanced and they were prone to more trouble than they were worth.
Nevertheless the driver stopped and turned his flashers on. Riza realized too late that if her phone weren’t out the driver would have passed her by without even noticing her predicament.
Bracing herself for someone probably old and eccentric and maybe a little too friendly to come and offer to help her.
Her decision was already made. She would accept no help from them. Not at all.
The teal door opened and a man stepped out. If it had been a woman she might have accepted any help. At least there was less of a chance for something to go wrong.
But a black haired man in a swallow tail tuxedo with a sapphire bow tie was just too conspicuous for her. Especially with the ancient ride. He almost looked like he belonged in a movie from the fifties. Riza mused that if it were a movie from that era he’d probably tap dance over to her. Singing about her broken down car as he came.
Luckily he just strode over his hands by his sides and a concerned but friendly look on his face. She had to admit he was rather handsome. Maybe it was the dashing appearance of his tuxedo and slicked back hair. Or maybe it was the mysteriousness of his dark eyes. Were they brown or black? Or maybe dark dark blue? She had no way to tell it was too dark.
He stopped next to her door and gently tapped on the window with a knuckle. “Are you alright miss?” He asked. His voice was deep and resonant and rather pleasant on her ears. But maybe that was his charm. He could be a womanizing man with a sickness for women in trouble or maybe he went farther and he had no control over his sexual drive.
Either way she wasn’t about to find out. Her eyes dared not meet his.
“I’m fine.” She called back. She realized her window was opened just a crack. It at least made it easier to communicate without opening her door.
“Car won’t start?” He asked pleasantly. He didn’t seem phased by her reluctance to speak. It was almost as though he was grateful she hadn’t opened her door and begun begging for help.
Riza just nodded. He nodded in understanding and looked at it. “Want some help?” He asked his eyes finally meeting hers. They were black. Or maybe a brown darker than even hers.
“I was just about to call AAA.” Riza answered with relief. At least she had a valid excuse to reject him without causing much trouble.
“Excellent.” He replied and then a thoughtful look crossed his strong features. Riza saw more than she wanted of his high cheekbones and narrow yet gentle eyes. He really was handsome. His face wasn’t ridiculously chiseled nor was it rounded with extra fat. In fact he looked a little lanky for his height. Maybe it was just the cut of his tux.
“Mind if I stay until they get here? Just to make sure no one bothers you?” He asked. “I’ll just stay in my car and watch.” He added.
Riza shrugged. “If you want to waist your time. I’ll be fine.” She assured. He smiled at her. His teeth were straight and white. He nodded towards her before turning and heading for his vehicle.
She watched him go as she hit the call button on her touch screen and raised the phone to her ear.
Speaking with the dispatcher took only a few moments and then she was left alone. Although she really wasn’t alone. The strange young man was across the road from her. He had moved his car she realized. Pulled out from under a streetlight and turned his lights off. Why had he done that?
She began to grow suspicious. Something was odd about this man and she didn’t like it.
The darkness had practically hidden his car.
After about ten minutes another car came up. It was a AAA tow truck. Riza relaxed as he pulled up to her and parked. He was a middle-aged man with a receding brown hairline and an expanding stomach.
He got out and went up to her door. “The car won’t start right?” He asked. Riza nodded.
“The lights won’t even turn on.” Riza said.
“Here. Why don’t you step out and I’ll see what’s going on?” He suggested.
Riza shook her head. “It’s the engine. Let me show you.” Riza turned the key and nothing happened. He shook his head.
“I understand it won’t start. Now please step out and let me see.” He suggested. Riza slowly unlocked the door and stepped out. She brought her purse and phone out with her.
He climbed in and turned the key in the ignition. Again nothing happened.
Stepping out of the car he popped the trunk. Riza stood back from him glancing towards the direction of the man in the tux sitting in his car.
At least someone was watching.
The mechanic shined a flashlight on the engine and looked around at it for a few moments.
“Well, I think it’s probably the alternator.” He announced.
Big shocker there. Riza refrained from mumbling under her breath.
“Can’t fix it till tomorrow.” He added.
“I’ll just call a cab.” Riza said.
The mechanic suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. “You’ll be coming with me.” He growled.
Riza yelled out. “Help!” She hoped the guy in the tux could see clearly. Hopefully he had called the cops or was on his way. Unless.
Unless he was in on this too and had made her feel comfortable just to weaken her defenses.
Reaching for the little revolver she wore under her blouse she tried to free herself.
The mechanic yanked her towards him and she lost her balance. Unable to grab the gun she tried to punch the mechanic. He caught her fist and without warning retaliated by hitting her on the top of her head with his fist.
She reeled at the sudden pain.
Her eyes closed and she fought to keep from falling over.
Somebody help me! She thought frantically.
Riza struggled to fight the pain and before she knew what was happening the mechanic gasped and released her. “Don’t touch her you bastard!”
She stumbled back trying to get a good view of what was happening. The man in the tuxedo was fighting with the mechanic. The two were struggling with each other. The mechanic’s left eye was swollen closed and he was angry.
“What do you want?”
“For you to leave her alone!” The dark haired man yelled. For a moment it looked like he was going to rush the man but he stood waiting.
The AAA guy looked at his foe and laughed. “You should keep going to your party.”
“Not until you leave the young woman alone.” He punched the mechanic in the stomach and then brought up his right leg to kick him backwards. “Don’t you ever hit a lady again.”
Riza watched in horror. The man in the tuxedo looked at her. “Are you ok?” He asked. She stared at him dumbfounded.
The mechanic came back from behind the strange man. “I’ll fix you both!” He yelled.
“Behind you!” Riza screamed. The black haired man turned and caught the attacking fist and counter attacked with his own. The mechanic went down.
Riza could hardly breath. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. The man in the tux approached his arms up where she could see them.
“Here let me help you.” He offered to help her up onto her feet. She accepted his hand after a moment and looked at him. His eyes were full of concern and fury. Trusting him now was her only option whether she wanted to or not.
He looked back at her car. “I’ll take you wherever.” He offered. “You can leave your car?”
“It’s a rental. I’m not from Reno.” She replied.
“Do you have anything in the car you need?” He asked.
“Yes. My paperwork in the front.” She answered.
You’re going to accept his help? Her thoughts were racing. What else can I do?
He handed her his keys. “Why don’t you start the engine?” He suggested. Riza took the keys and looked towards the car. It was old but it was in working condition and safe.
She hurried to it wondering if she should just take it and go. But then what if she got caught stealing a guy’s car? What kind of woman repaid a good Samaritan who just saved her purity, dignity, and integrity by stealing their expensive classic car?
Opening the passenger door she looked to see the man grabbing her briefcases and hurrying back towards her. She put the key in the ignition and turned it. The engine roared to life and she sighed in relief. She was going to get out of here.

Pompeii- to Kyoukai no Kanata!

Savin’ Me- to Kyoukai no Kanata.

Here Without You- to Kyoukai no Kanata!

One Day- to Kyoukai no Kanata!

Kyoukai no Kanata: “I will always fight for you!”

Kyoukai no Kanata: “I will always fight for you!”

"A future without you... means nothing to me"

Akihito Kanbara :

“Everything about you is also me. All of it existed inside of me.  Including your pitch-black jealousy.  And the despair of never being able to become human.  And the sadness of having been abandoned. And the regret of having hurt someone.  And your selfishness, paranoia, and hatred, your resignation,  deviousness, and your need to save yourself.  I won’t let a single emotion leak out.   They all belong to me.  I’m going to take them all back.   I am the immortal half-youmu!”

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

One of my all time anime OTPs!

One of my all time anime OTPs!


I was on a phone when I first saw this gif, and this is how it froze.

I don’t get tired of watching Roy faceplant in the dirt. He’s one heck of a handsome BA, but there’s something attractive in hilariously clumsy wipeouts. XD.